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Today’s complex printed circuit boards incorporate varying sizes of high aspect ratio plated through holes, micro vias and blind vias all on the same panel. While these parts can be effectively plated with DC plating at very low current densities, and with specially optimized DC chemistries, the impact on factory capacity can be profound and economically impractical. Pulse Plating is THE solution to improved throughput, better surface-to-hole throwing power, and highly reliable plating.

Whether simple pulse plating or pulse periodic reverse plating, pulse has demonstrated proven benefits in the printed circuit board and many metal finishing applications, especially with precious metals:

Enhanced throwing power, finer grain structure deposits, improved    metal properties and product reliability
Faster deposition speed and, therefore, higher line capacity

However, pulse plating alone is not a panacea answer to the plating challenges of today’sworld. American CRS realizes the need to analyze and optimize the entire“plating system,” the positioning and fixturing of the parts, the chemistry, the tank (cell) design, with it’s particular solution mass transfer capabilities, the power delivery systems and the rectifier.  American CRS is uniquely capable of assisting our clients with the entire plating system and guaranteeing system results:

Plating tank design and construction
Chemistry optimization and operation
Pulse rectifier and waveform optimization

Experience has shown that for most simpler, less difficult, products that a conventional, single frequency (“square waveform”) type pulse reverse plating system is an appropriate answer. However, for really challenging boards, having very high aspect ratios and multiple features, a multi-frequency, (“complex” waveform) rectifier is the best solution. Regardless of your needs, American CRS has the appropriate rectifier knowledge for you.


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